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Best of 2017: Guest Bloggers

Posted by Jennie Ford on Dec 05, 2017
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TMW had the fortune of publishing observations from ten important guest bloggers. Each has expertise in areas that matter to the transportation industry. Each brought new or differing perspectives to our readers. Did you miss one? Take a closer look at the key topics, which include technology and its role in: Capacity, Driver Shortage/Recruitment, Network Analysis, Customer Satisfaction, Cash Flow and more. Read one, some or all for wide-reaching views telling more of what’s going on around us.


Robert (Bob) Costello, Chief Economist & Vice President, American Trucking Associations (ATA)

For US Trucking Industry Forecast, Winds of Change in the Air

From the job market to capacity, there were predictions made in January 2017. Now that the year is wrapping up, did they come true?


Robert Voltmann, President and CEO, Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)

Brokers, 3PLs Looking Beyond ELD Mandate

“Hang on, we’re in for a bumpy ride.” Hardly a comforting thought, but one which Voltmann, believes accurately describes the near future for freight brokers, 3PLs and their shippers and carriers.


A Look at TIA, Brokers, International Trade and the Trump Administration

One-on-one Q & A covering topics of interest to the 3PL industry.


David Roush, President, KSM Transport Advisors, LLC

The Importance of Network Analysis

The analytic tools on the market today, and the intelligence derived from the use…make it possible for fleets to make intelligent data-driven decisions about customer and lane profitability…


Freight Network Engineering Drives Carrier Profitability

To remain competitive – especially when capacity tightens and demand increases – carriers need to capitalize on all available opportunities to optimize margins.


Ellen Voie, President and CEO, Women In Trucking

Gender Diversity Makes Good Business Sense

Why is diversity important, especially in a male dominated industry, such as trucking? In addition to using the unrealized potential half the population can offer, the leadership styles of women are actually beneficial to the success of the company.


Mark S. Allen, President and CEO, International Food Distributors Association (IFDA)

Food Safety and Trucking Technology and More

While most companies that operate truck fleets are struggling with the national driver shortage, foodservice distributors face an extra challenge: finding drivers who will not just deliver product, but also unload it for customers as well.


Thomas A. Balzer, CAE, President, Ohio Trucking Association

Improving the Image of Trucking by Adopting Passion

The discussion surrounding new technology as seen in autonomous vehicles brings an innovative look to the industry, but is it harmful to our ongoing driver shortage conundrum. Does talking up trucking promote a better image to attract a new driver workforce?


Ruth Kellick-Grubbs, President, Kellick & Associates

Driving Customer Value

Competition today is increasingly fierce. Increasing cost of materials, increasing costs of labor and increasing costs of distribution are putting more pressure on profit margins than ever before. Delivering customer value while making a healthy, sustainable profit has never been harder. But there are disciplines and tools available that help companies do just that.


Carman Geres, VP of North America Sales, Amalto Technologies

To Speed Cash Flow in Transportation, Clear the Invoicing Pipeline

Along with TMW’s Brian Lavelle, Geres explains why complexity kills cash flow and what to do about it.


Dana Petrone, Senior Marketing Manager, ALK Technologies

Revolutionizing Maps with Interactive Data for Better Decisions

Planning with precision has become essential for anyone in the transportation space. Using data overlays means success in making decisions that properly utilize assets, maintain efficient operations and keep drivers safe.


Brian Abel, Freight Network Engineer, KSM Transport Advisors LLC

6 Tips for Strategically Managing Transportation Brokers

A good relationship with a broker that pays your bills timely and acts like a customer to help keep your trucks moving productively can be a valuable partner. But not all brokers are created equal. Abel gives six tips for managing the relationships.


Subject matter experts from the TMW staff also contributed greatly to the 2017 TMW Blog. Happy reading. Let us know if there is a product or service that grabs your interest to further drive your business and how we can help.


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