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ELDs, Detention and Drivers: A Closer Look

Posted by TMW Systems on Jul 26, 2018

 There’s nothing new about a shipper detaining drivers, making them wait to load. It’s a decades-old struggle between shipper and carrier with drivers stuck in the middle.

So why raise it in the 21st Century? Technology in the form of electronic logging devices (ELDs) could give drivers and fleets a new way to combat the ongoing fight to reduce detention times and one day, even eliminate the time drivers wait—and wait.

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Topics: Dispatch Software, ELD Mandate

Building Materials Industry Tech: How Moving Ahead Requires a Look Back

Posted by TMW Systems on Nov 16, 2017

Staying competitive in today’s building materials industry is a never-ending challenge. Meeting customer expectations, controlling costs and managing inventory during fickle construction market cycles are key to staying ahead of one’s competition. These are perennial challenges, as vital to the operation of lumber yards of old as they are to suppliers today.

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3 Must-Have Components of Trucking Dispatch Software

Posted by TMW Systems on Jun 13, 2017

Head ‘em up and move ‘em out. Nearly 60 years after the theme from the TV show “Rawhide” became a pop-culture staple, its semi-iconic lyrics still resonate today. It’s the credo by which dispatch managers thrive: plan and keep the fleet moving.

There’s a modern-day twist: use technology in ways that improve performance and profitability, while ensuring drivers are aware and productive. Smart fleet managers know the most effective way to accomplish this is with transportation management system that offers solutions specific to their company’s needs and business objectives. Not only does it make routine responsibilities easier to achieve by reducing planning and tracking time and help with more efficient scheduling, the advanced technology returns objective performance measurements that supply strategic data, including scheduled-versus-real unloading times, mileage, speed and information associated with driver performance. 

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Updated Maps: The Key to Smarter Routing

Posted by TMW Systems on Mar 30, 2017

Maps answer the age-old question “How do I get there from here?” and help drivers move from Point A to Point B. From displaying the location of gas stations and restaurants to identifying alternate roads, maps enhance the ability of drivers to plan and execute a route.

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Topics: Routing Software, Dispatch Software