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Dock Management: A Tale of Two Companies

Posted by TMW Systems on Oct 11, 2018

At the 2018 in.sight user conference + expo, two customer companies presented their experiences with searching for a dock management solution and how implementing Trimble’s ConnectedDock created more efficiencies. During “A Case for ConnectedDock” representatives from both Maritime-Ontario and Carlile Transportation explained the importance of using robust, hand-held devices to streamline cross-dock operations and eliminate misdirected freight.

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Lowering Supply Chain Costs

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 16, 2018

Shippers who understand the importance of customer satisfaction will scrub entire operations not only to reduce costs but also to seek new ways to deliver greater operational efficiency. Those shippers know by implementing factors like forecasting, real-time tracking and collaboration they can deliver benefits to their bottom lines that are nearly as good as reduced rates.

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The Logistics Revolution: Data, AI and Automation

Posted by TMW Systems on Apr 19, 2018

Leveraging data to boost process efficiencies of supply-chain logistics or to shorten delivery times—or both—is becoming more difficult with every terabyte of data shippers and receivers store. 

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Logistics Software, Supply Chain, Big Data

Whitepaper Summary: Transportation Institution vs. Information

Posted by TMW Systems on May 05, 2017

Seven-hundred billion: the current dollar value attributed to the American trucking industry, and a figure representing that industry’s significant contribution to the nation’s annual Gross Domestic Product. In the United States, trucks handle approximately 70% of all freight shipments. Considering these numbers, it is not surprising that the US trucking industry is occasionally referred to as the backbone of the national economy.

Like all business enterprises, however, the transportation management industry faces mammoth challenge as evolving market trends compel it to discover methods to reduce operating costs, accelerate revenue growth, enhance customer service and meet hardline corporate objectives. To this end, the industry has slowly come to embrace technology and seek out fleet management solutions. By not keeping pace with the robust technology investments seen in other sectors, the transport management industry is rife with disruption – but solutions for navigating current and future market trends and associated challenges exist.

Companies seeking strategic guidance should look to innovative business intelligence and logistics software options that integrate and optimize services. Among these cutting-edge technologies: Master Data Management (MDM), in which comprehensive data is stored in one secure master file. This single reference point refines information sharing among staff and departments, and helps users make more knowledgeable decisions surrounding rating, planning and expediting.

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Tools and Tech to Keep You Truckin’

Posted by TMW Systems on Apr 11, 2017

The logistics industry is dominated by swift order fulfillment, attention to detail and customer retention, and the option of the quick “click” makes it simpler to handle daily tasks on schedule and on time.

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How Logistics Software Helps Turn a 3PL into a Shipper’s Indispensable Partner

Posted by TMW Systems on Mar 14, 2017

As a third-party logistics service provider (3PL), your job is to deliver outstanding value to your shippers. One essential tool for achieving that goal is logistics software.

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