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Lowering Supply Chain Costs

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 16, 2018

Shippers who understand the importance of customer satisfaction will scrub entire operations not only to reduce costs but also to seek new ways to deliver greater operational efficiency. Those shippers know by implementing factors like forecasting, real-time tracking and collaboration they can deliver benefits to their bottom lines that are nearly as good as reduced rates.

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The Logistics Revolution: Data, AI and Automation

Posted by TMW Systems on Apr 19, 2018

Leveraging data to boost process efficiencies of supply-chain logistics or to shorten delivery times—or both—is becoming more difficult with every terabyte of data shippers and receivers store. 

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For Trucking Industry, Optimism Abounds

Posted by Bob Costello, ATA on Jan 25, 2018

There is much reason for the trucking industry to be optimistic as we enter 2018. For one, freight levels have improved significantly for the industry. In addition, the combination of better freight volumes and for-hire fleets not adding to truck counts in 2017 absorbed much of the excess capacity that plagued the industry over the previous couple of years. With both the main drivers of truck freight demand doing well and the use of electronic logging devices now required, 2018 could be the best year the industry has experienced in the post deregulation era. Indeed, two of the biggest challenges for motor carriers this year will be finding enough qualified drivers and covering all their loads.

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Freight-Level Visibility Transforming Supply Chain Relationships

Posted by TMW Systems on Nov 14, 2017

With few exceptions – the most notable being a vehicle braking system – friction is not a good thing.

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The Impact with the Rise of Omni-Channel Sales on the Supply Chain

Posted by TMW Systems on Oct 24, 2017

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Freight Network Engineering Drives Carrier Profitability

Posted by David Roush on Jul 18, 2017

Trucking is a business of pennies. Even the most successful carriers operate on razor-sharp margins, with the majority of carriers being “on the bubble” with an operating ratio that can easily shift from slightly positive to negative.

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Farm to Table: Leveraging New Food Safety Rules

Posted by TMW Systems on May 18, 2017

Federal regulators have dished out plenty of lemons over the years, burdening trucking companies with time-consuming and expensive regulations. With the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STF) rule taking effect last month, carriers have yet another opportunity to merely comply with the regulations or to make lemonade.

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