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Human Trafficking: Road Warriors Unite to Save the Vulnerable

Posted by TMW Systems on Mar 07, 2019

In January 2015, long-haul driver Kevin Kimmel entered a truck stop outside Richmond, VA, for a rest break and to complete his log. As he worked, he observed men gathered around a nearby RV. And he saw something else: a young woman's face at the window—but fleetingly, as though someone inside the vehicle had pulled her from view.

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Topics: Transportation Industry and Trends

5 Top Incentives for Recruiting/Retaining New Drivers

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 28, 2019

As a means to combat the driver shortage issue, the trucking industry is identifying the most intriguing incentives to draw new employees. There’s an understanding of why there is a shortage -- it’s partially due to the aging out and retirement of current drivers and a decrease in safe driving abilities. The other piece to the puzzle is the recruitment and retention of the next generation of drivers. And, where there is a constant push for students to leave high school and go straight to college, training schools and companies are hard pressed when recruiting new candidates to enter the industry.

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Topics: Driver Retention

Bridge the Divide: Connecting Fleet Maintenance to the Enterprise

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 21, 2019

The organizational structures and IT systems of transportation companies traditionally have been geared for operations and the order-to-cash cycle of loads. Investments in fleet maintenance management systems and related integrations tend to lag behind, causing transactions and information to become lost on an island of its own, apart from the full business enterprise.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance Software

How Leadership Leverages BI

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 14, 2019

It’s not always business as usual when it comes to embracing data and using business intelligence to drive company operations. For fleets and 3PLs, adopting tools that seem far removed the road might seem counter intuitive to business practices that have worked for decades. But if you haven’t been questioning the effectiveness of those practices in the current business climate you’re getting left in the dust by competitors who are leveraging technology to maximize the most important, and least visible, elements of success: saving time and improving efficiencies.

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Topics: Business Intelligence

Why Driver Quality of Life Matters

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 07, 2019

When it comes to recruiting and hiring new drivers, the first thing recruits most likely look at is the pay rate. But, what happens when multiple companies have competing offers? At that point, secondary perks become more important. These are perks that will improve drivers’ quality of life, such as better in-cab conditions, good equipment and comfort items.

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Topics: Driver Retention

XaaS: Considering Everything as a Service

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 31, 2019

We’ve all become familiar with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) cloud computing models that are used to provide a range of software and other applications. You may have even come across the term IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), which allows companies to configure and deploy virtual technologies that are hosted in a data center and managed remotely.

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Topics: Cloud Based Trucking Software

What a Driver Scorecard Can Do For Your Business

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 24, 2019

One of the hardest parts about running a business is hiring and retaining qualified employees. In the transportation industry, that means hiring employees who drive the trucks and others who manage those drivers. It’s especially important to find the right people because the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores affect how the business operates.

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Topics: Trucking Regulations

It Takes a Platform to Platoon

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 17, 2019

Motor carriers with regional and long-distance operations may soon be using a technology that can increase the fuel efficiency of semi-trailers by 7% on average.

A “confidence report” published by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NAFCE) in 2016 lists the fuel savings of two-truck platooning technology at 4% for the lead vehicle and 10% for the following vehicle.

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Topics: Transportation Technology

Canada’s Economic Outlook:  Opportunity on the Western Front?

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 10, 2019

Local and regional freight haulers cannot afford to bet their business success on forecasts about national economic activity. Despite rosy forecasts for the Canadian economy, transporters of oil and lumber in western provinces are dealing with falling volumes driven by North American and international factors.

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Topics: Transportation Technology, Transport Economy

California’s ABC Test: The Fundamentals

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 03, 2019

California. Great place for movie stars, techies and wine lovers. But not such a great place if you’re an owner-operator or motor carrier that relies on them, thanks to the California Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc., case.

Essentially, in what is being labeled a landmark decision, it classifies all independent contractors (ICs) as employees unless companies can demonstrate otherwise based on the so-called ABC test. Unfortunately, this won’t be an easy test to pass for most of California’s 70,000+ owner-operators. That puts drivers and motor carriers in the Golden State in the dark about what to do—or if they should do anything at all.

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Topics: Trucking Regulations