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An App for That

Posted by TMW Systems on Nov 29, 2018


Is it hard to remember life before handheld mobile devices and even harder to imagine life without them?

Today, beyond calling, texting and even checking e-mail, we’re all using our phones and tablets for a growing number of reasons. In a hurry? “We have an app for that” say food and coffee vendors. Just place your order on a device and pick it up without slowing down. Need a last-minute gift, some household or office supplies? No need to stop at the store. Use the app on your phone and your order will be delivered, even on the same day in some cases.

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Best of 2017: Trucking Apps

Posted by TMW Systems on Dec 21, 2017

We’re a mobile society. As we approach the end of this decade, mobility means no longer being tethered to a desk. From the dock to the coffee shop or at a truck stop, trucking mobile apps are changing the ways of our workforce.

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Digitized Driving: Integrated Platforms Mean Greater Capability

Posted by TMW Systems on Sep 05, 2017

Mobile technology has changed the world.

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Mobility 2.0: Transportation Industry Apps Now Realizing Potential

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 24, 2017

Perhaps Pete Townshend, lead guitarist for The Who, is more of a visionary than many of us might have believed. Townshend’s 1971 hit “Going Mobile” celebrates the power of cutting ties to everyday hassles and heading out on the road. If we didn’t know any better, we might have assumed he worked at a trucking company:

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Pain: Incorrect Weights, Dimensions and Over, Short & Damage Claims

Posted by Justin Caron on Mar 16, 2017

How often do you send freight to the wrong location? How much money are you losing due to inaccurate weights? How do you measure a dock workers’ efficiency? How many OS&D claims do you make, and how many are successful? How much paper work does an average dock worker process in a day?

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Fleet Maintenance Management: Go Mobile

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 28, 2017

No one in the trucking industry likes trucks that aren’t moving. After all, an idle truck isn’t generating revenue. An idle truck, in fact, is only generating costs.

Keeping your vehicles on the road by ensuring that proper and timely fleet maintenance is performed is the main mission of your maintenance operation. When a truck breaks down - something we all know will happen at times - getting it up and running quickly can present an even bigger challenge.

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Stripping Costs Out of Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance--Help is Here!

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 21, 2017

In a perfect world:

-- Trucks run flawlessly until company leadership decides to replace them

-- Fleet managers spend their time analyzing data to increase profits

-- And technicians, well, technicians would probably spend their time training for another line of work.

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Building a Better Fleet Communications Platform

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 15, 2017

Communication breakdown

It's always the same

I'm having a nervous breakdown

Drive me insane!

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The Five Coolest Trucking Apps

Posted by TMW Systems on Jan 16, 2017

People on the front lines of transportation companies used to be tethered to workstations in the office, truck, dock and maintenance bay.

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