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Best of 2017: Trucking Apps

Posted by TMW Systems on Dec 21, 2017

We’re a mobile society. As we approach the end of this decade, mobility means no longer being tethered to a desk. From the dock to the coffee shop or at a truck stop, trucking mobile apps are changing the ways of our workforce.

Trucking Mobile Apps 2017 Blog Posts

There’ll be apps a'downloading, and screens will be glowing when trailers are near.

It’s the most wonderful apps of the year!

To meet the needs of men and women in the transportation services industry who work at varying times out of the office and shop, the minds at TMW have created applications that move where your people move. The following blogs address the topic of mobility and provide a look at what’s available for folks who work all kinds of hours at all kinds of locations. The pieces were among our most viewed during the year. We encourage you to read and share.

The Five Coolest Trucking Apps
Still as relevant as it was in January 2017, this blog written by TMW Subject Matter Expert Caroline Lyle, was shared more than 200 times on LinkedIn and beat out all of our others, making it the most viewed of 2017.

Mobility 2.0: Transportation Industry Apps Now Realizing Potential
The blog showcases top apps and web-based interfaces that were unveiled by TMW Systems in 2017. A must-read for any TMS or Fleet Maintenance customer.

Fleet Maintenance Management: Go Mobile
The blog covers TMT Mobile Mechanic, an app that provides fleet maintenance technicians with the ability to capture the critical information they need to accelerate the truck service and repair process on the road or in the yard.

Pain: Incorrect Weights, Dimensions and Over, Short and Damage Claims
TMW Subject Matter Expert Justin Caron introduced the ConnectedDock app in a fascinating way. If any of these questions apply to your business, the blog can guide you to a solution. How often do you send freight to the wrong location? How much money are you losing due to inaccurate weights? How do you measure a dock workers’ efficiency? How many OS&D claims do you make, and how many are successful? How much paper work does an average dock worker process in a day?

Shrink Your Parts Inventory To The Palm Of Your Hand
Keeping track of parts is, let’s just say, a process. Parts come in, parts go out, parts aren’t in the right place, part numbers are wrong. Parts are just plain gone. You know the drill. This blog introduced folks with fleet maintenance responsibilities to the wonderful world of Parts Room, a state-of-the-art mobile app that simplifies all types of inventory⎯cycle counts, spot inventories, adjustments to parts already in inventory and more.

Digitized Driving: Integrated Platforms Mean Greater Capacity
Mobile technology has changed the world.

Saying so may be a bit like beating a dead horse, but that doesn’t make it any less true that the advent of smartphones and tablets has upended the way humans communicate, engage in commerce, work, consume media and approach any number of other day-to-day activities.

Think about how mobile apps can fit into your day-to-day business operations? Let us show you how.

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