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The Logistics Revolution: Data, AI and Automation

Posted by TMW Systems on Apr 19, 2018

Leveraging data to boost process efficiencies of supply-chain logistics or to shorten delivery times—or both—is becoming more difficult with every terabyte of data shippers and receivers store. 

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Embracing New Technology for the WIN

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 31, 2017

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The Importance of Network Analysis

Posted by David Roush on Jun 15, 2017

Are economic conditions improving? Multiple indicators, from a recovering housing market to tax code changes that offer advantages to entrepreneurs, suggest this is the case, potentially leading to increased spending and, ultimately, a need for more freight movement.

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Big Data

Making Data-Driven Decisions in the Transportation Industry

Posted by Tim Leonard on Mar 02, 2017

Data-driven decision making (D3M) involves listening to what the Six Sigma folks call the “voice of the process”, or paying attention to the actual data that emerges from your day-to-day execution of business processes. It means bringing the objective, measurable outcomes of your performance into the middle of your decision making so it can inform, guide and shape your decisions.

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Topics: Transportation Analytics, Big Data