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Freight Market Outlook Shines Green Light for Fleets

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 31, 2018

Where is the economy headed? Will shipper demand remain strong? What is the outlook for freight carriers?

These are burning questions for anyone in the transportation space, given the complex factors influencing today’s economy. A closer look at economic trend analysis provides some answers.

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Topics: Transportation Industry and Trends, ELD Mandate, Transport Economy

ELDs, Detention and Drivers: A Closer Look

Posted by TMW Systems on Jul 26, 2018

 There’s nothing new about a shipper detaining drivers, making them wait to load. It’s a decades-old struggle between shipper and carrier with drivers stuck in the middle.

So why raise it in the 21st Century? Technology in the form of electronic logging devices (ELDs) could give drivers and fleets a new way to combat the ongoing fight to reduce detention times and one day, even eliminate the time drivers wait—and wait.

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Topics: Dispatch Software, ELD Mandate

Shippers Buying Up Freight Capacity in Harvey’s Wake

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 29, 2017

Shipping capacity is the last thing millions of Texans have on their minds as residents begin rebuilding following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. After making landfall August 25, 2017, the Category 4 storm soaked areas in and around Houston with 50-plus inches of rain. Lives were lost; homes flooded; businesses and their equipment destroyed. As flood waters recede, experts predict recovery and rebuilding costs will top $150 billion.

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Topics: Transportation Management Software, ELD Mandate

Brokers, 3PLs Looking Beyond ELD Mandate

Posted by TMW Systems on Aug 22, 2017

“Hang on, we’re in for a bumpy ride.”

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Topics: Freight Broker Software, ELD Mandate, 3PL Software

To Delay or Not to Delay: Vital Signs for Choosing Your ELD

Posted by TMW Systems on Jul 25, 2017

ELD--the initials can drive up blood pressure and strike anxiety in transportation providers across the country...especially if a decision has not been made on the type, scope and vendor to use. The key to low stress is knowing how to choose the right Electronic Logging Device for your business.

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Topics: Trucking Regulations, ELD Mandate

12/18/17 is Quickly Approaching. Are You ELD Prepared?

Posted by TMW Systems on May 30, 2017

December 18th, the day the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Mandate goes into effect, is right around the corner. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued technical specifications and certification standards for ELD manufacturers, but there’s no official vetting of manufacturers for carriers nor guidance on how to make the best choice of a compliance solution. Since the mandate will impact an estimated 1.8 to 2 million vehicles, there is great interest on the part of opportunistic and inexperienced entrepreneurs as well as for the more established industry providers. But the ELD Mandate also creates opportunities for carriers, whether they’re moving from paper records or already utilizing e-log technology in their fleets, as the more established providers offer more than just compliance for their ELD solutions, but applications that also reduce paperwork, improve safety, and increase the bottom line.

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Topics: Trucking Regulations, ELD Mandate

Food Safety and Trucking Technology and More: A Talk with Mark S. Allen

Posted by TMW Systems on May 09, 2017

From a quick snack to a multi-course meal, when you order food away from home, a member of the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) probably delivered the ingredients. IFDA’s members provide groceries and related products to professional kitchens in restaurants, convenience stores, colleges and universities, hospitals and many other venues.

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Topics: Food Safety, Trucking Regulations, ELD Mandate

For US Trucking Industry Forecast, Winds of Change in the Air

Posted by Bob Costello, ATA on Jan 26, 2017

Last year was a tough year for the trucking industry as the macro-economy slowed. The consumer side of the economy remained the pillar of growth, but the industrial side stumbled in 2016. The manufacturing sector, which provides a significant amount of freight for trucking, had a particularly rough year. The strong US dollar dampened exports, which in turn limited manufacturing output and contributed to the inventory glut. The lack of business investment is also hurting US manufacturers. Business spending on capital, including buildings and equipment, is down in the US. This in turn has led to weak labor productivity growth, which is a recipe for slow economic growth.

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Topics: Trucking Regulations, ELD Mandate