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Does Your Business Engine Need a Tune Up?

Posted by TMW Systems on Dec 12, 2017

Suppose your vehicle is not operating at peak performance. Naturally, you would start looking under the hood, but due to the complexity of modern engines the cause will not likely be visible.

Truck_diagnostics.jpgFor an accurate diagnosis, you would take the vehicle to an experienced technician who has the right tools. The cost of this service is justified by eliminating guesswork and delays.

Similarly, transportation companies often have business processes that underperform, and in most cases, these functions take place in the quote-to-cash cycle for loads. 


Time for a Tune Up?

Diagnosing problems in core business processes can be difficult since the engine of business--the transportation management software (TMS)--has multiple layers of applications spread through the C-suite, Operational tasks, back office (billing customers, paying drivers & carriers) and the mobile work environments.

The following questions form a preliminary checklist. It’s likely that your TMS platform could benefit from a technology tune up to maximize your return on investment:

  • Is there a business process that makes you wonder “why isn’t this automated?”
  • Have you or anyone else recently asked, “why do we do it this way?”
  • Are spreadsheets involved in any process?
  • If you ask someone why they do things a certain way, do they respond with “because that’s the way the person before me did it”?


The BPA: A Comprehensive Review

Experienced transportation consultants who specialize in TMS technology and business process automation can provide an accurate, unbiased assessment of performance to help companies apply the optimal solutions in the shortest possible time frame.

The Strategic Services team of TMW Systems uses a proven method called a Business Process Assessment (BPA) to provide transportation companies with a comprehensive review of how they use all of the capabilities they purchased with their TMS platforms.

The BPA assesses all of the core TMS features as well as various modules and integrated functions that a company has with third-party applications.


To conduct a BPA, an experienced consultant, with executive industry experience, comes onsite to conduct a formal review. Once completed, the consultant produces a detailed report that identifies what a company is doing well and what areas stand in need of improvement.

The report contains detailed recommendations and commentary that provide step-by- step guidance and a clear road map for charting a company’s progress toward achieving maximum returns.


Measures of Success

Examining how a business uses key performance metrics is a key service included in the BPA. Consultants review how the current metrics align with the needs of a business.

Through the BPA process, consultants can also help companies establish dashboard metrics that enable proactive response and create workflows that enable users to quickly respond to early indicators.

The review process helps to ensure the integrity of the data being reported to bridge the gaps in trust and enable people to make sound business decisions.

Ultimately, the main objective for a BPA is to increase profitability and cash flow of a transportation company by charting a path to fully utilizing its technology investments. Like a service manual, the BPA report gives companies information to move quickly and make the necessary changes to operate in the fast lane for success.

A complimentary white paper explains in more detail how a BPA works and shares insights from a recent study of BPAs that were conducted by TMW’s Strategic Services team on a wide range of transportation companies. To download the white paper, click here.


TMW's transportation consultants offer nearly 50 years of industry experience, with executive careers in the C-Suite focused on Technology, Finance, Operations, Maintenance and Analytics. Through experience in both asset based and non-asset based operations, our consultants understand the importance of leveraging technology to accomplish business goals in an industry where every penny counts. Understanding that transportation software is designed as an enabler for increased business performance, we consult with an eye on process improvement and increased efficiency while recommending approaches to ultimately increase profit and cash flow. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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