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How to Make the Most of a User Conference

Posted by TMW Systems on May 25, 2017

When it comes to transportation software, you might be a power user. But there’s always more to learn about how to use technology to enhance your company’s profits. And there’s no better way to gain that knowledge than by networking with experts and industry peers at a user conference.


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The most obvious advantage you gain from a user conference is the chance to attend educational sessions. You’ll learn how to make the most of your solution and get a peek at new features your vendor is getting ready to bring out. You’ll also get ideas about complementary technologies you can add to your toolbox.

On top of that, you’ll hear about hot new trends like big data, predictive analytics, new smartphone applications—from experts who are shaping the future of freight transportation. You’ll hear stories from transportation professionals like you—what works, what doesn’t and how to get the best possible return on your company’s IT investments. Best of all, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, and continue the conversation when the sessions end with presenters and your peers.

Of course, opportunities to boost your knowledge don’t stop at the conference room door. The exhibit hall at a user conference is a great place to scope out new products, see a few demos, chat with sales reps and pick up new ideas.

You can also learn a great deal from your fellow attendees. Every meal, coffee break and evening activity offers a chance to talk with the people around you, swapping stories, ideas, technology tips and business cards.

With so much to do and learn, one person can’t possibly take in everything a user conference has to offer. Your best bet is to send several people from your company and have them spread out—attending different sessions, sitting at different tables at meal time. To get maximum return on your investment in the conference, send people with a range of different perspectives—executives, IT staff and end-users such as dispatchers or billing staff. When the event is over, bring everyone together to compare notes.

Here are some other tips for extracting optimal value from a user conference:

  • To gain a fresh perspective, attend at least one session outside your wheelhouse. If you’re an end-user, attend an executive session, or sit in on a meeting about a product you don’t use.
  • Sit down in advance to pick the sessions, exhibits and other opportunities you want to focus on, to make the best use of your time.
  • Stay at the event hotel. You’ll save travel time and transportation costs, you’ll gain more networking opportunities, and you’ll never miss a session due to cross-town traffic.

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